Best Redfishing We’ve Ever Seen

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“I’ve never seen this many redfish in the marsh.” Those words right there should be the quote that etches the summer of 2018 into Louisiana fishing infamy. We’ve heard so many people say they have never seen so many redfish in the marsh so far this summer. We know that last year was a great spawn for the redfish. We caught hundreds and hundreds of small redfish throughout the fall. Now those small redfish have grown up a bit and they are lighting up the marsh this summer. If you are considering New Orleans red fishing trip, you have to come soon.

It’s not often that we get super excited as charter captains. We are fortunate and blessed to fish much more than the average angler so we get to see a lot of good fishing days. But it really has been remarkable in Delacroix lately. The sheer amount of fish is staggering. Early limits and then catch and release for fun. This a summer that a redfish guide Louisiana will look back on and remember.

We are focusing on grass beds. The west wind last week blew hard and dropped the water levels out in the duck ponds. That stacked the fish up where there’s 2ft of water or more. We find a good looking grass edge and throw popping corks right outside the edge. We are using live shrimp with light jigheads. Typically where there is grass and clean water, there is redfish. You just have to be careful about throwing the bait in the grass. Try to stay right outside of it.

If you plan on coming to Delacroix soon just be aware that the water is still low as of now.

We have lodging available at the Pelican Roost Lodge and our Fishing Cabins. If you want to come on fishing trips New Orleans style give us call. We will be glad to take you.

Captain Randall Shaw

Louisiana Fishing Charters

Delacroix, LA