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Want to see what its like to fish with Louisiana Fishing Charters in Delacroix Louisiana?

Louisiana Fishing Charters has been specializing in Redfish the Last Ten years in the South Louisiana Marshes. Captain Randall has built the best group of guides and networked them to be the best in light tackle redfish. If you plan on coming down to New Orleans area to fish Louisiana Fishing Charters is a one stop for all your catching and accommodations.

Louisiana’s Gulf Coast provides excellent Redfish fishing all year long, however if your looking for optimal success in catching redfish, consider targeting the fall season when large redfish, commonly known as bull reds, are abundant and actively feeding.

To entice these powerful fish, we’ll use lures such as spinnerbaits weighing between 1/2 to 3/4 ounce, chatterbaits, weedless gold spoons or fresh/live bait.

Keep in mind the size regulations for redfish, where the minimum allowable size is 16 inches, while the maximum size is capped at 27 inches. When it comes to bag limits, anglers are permitted to keep up to five redfish per person each day. However, it’s worth noting that two of these fish may exceed the maximum length limit.

Redfish, being a sought-after game fish, attract avid anglers from far and wide to the Louisiana waters. If you’re looking for a remarkable fishing experience, Louisiana is truly sportfishing paradise.

Gulf Coast Fishing Guides, Delacroix Louisiana

Captain Randall Shaw Jr. the owner of Louisiana Fishing Charters is also the host of Landed Fishing. In the episode below, Fishing guides at Louisiana Fishing Charters always have a positive mental outlook when going into a day of fishing. As most of you know with anything that is half the battle.

Let’s go catch some fish!

Experience finding Redfish in sub-optimal conditions

Captain Randall headed to the fishing grounds where he had been fishing before the weather came tough. The adjustment he made would prove to be the factor in a day of catching. Captain Randall got to the bay and went straight for the north bank that had been protected from all the water running down to the Gulf of Mexico. He knew that he had to do something different to catch fish that day.

• One he had to be in the best quality of water that was in that bay.

• Two he had to find a long flat bank with no bayous or creeks in it. The reason for the flat bank is to get away from all the turned up from the heavy rains that was headed to the Gulf of Mexico (south). 

The water was the best quality in the bay but still really dirty. The most effective way to catch fish in south Louisiana when this happens is dead shrimp. Sometimes under a cork like in this video and also on the bottom with a weight. In this video we used popping cork so we will talk about that method. The popping cork did two things for Captain Randall.

• One it made a shrimp popping sound witch in turn attached the fish on a windy day.
• Second it held the bait about 6 inches off the bottom so that the bait was easier for the redfish to find. 

One of The most important factors in fishing dirty water is to use smell to help the redfish locate the bait in dirty water. So while live bait is usually the best bait for catching redfish in number. On this day it was not due to the lack of sent. The bait of choice was dead oily shrimp and a second choice would have been cut lady fish.

Using chum to attract more Redfish strikes

With everything in the equation to catch fish covered. Captain Randall decided to add one more thing. About every ten minutes or when the fish would stop biting, Captain Randall would smash up about a hand full of shrimp to chum the waters and attract more fish from other areas of the bank. When you’re out on the water be careful not to chum to much as you can also feed the fish to much and cause them to go sit on the bank bank and wait out the rest of the bad weather. Redfish don’t always have to eat. Once they are full they will just sit and wait for the change in conditions to pass.

Experienced captains that work hard to locate Louisiana Redfish

We definitely did some catching! the big redfish were ready to put up a fight. Not every day results in catching like this but because our captains have so much time and experience on the waters. The amount of catching days days are far greater than the tough days. Looking back on last season our captains here at Louisiana Fishing Charters caught limits or more of redfish eighty percent of the time! That is amazing numbers and a result of the team work that is done between each captain everyday. Some of our captains have been with us six year plus and others are on there first or second season. All the captains have the same knowledge on the water any given day due to the high communication level that we promote at Louisiana Fishing Charters. 

Come experience first hand what we do here at Louisiana fishing Charters. I promise you wont be disappointed and it wont be your last trip with us!

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