Louisiana Alligator Hunts


Exciting Alligator Hunts in Louisiana!

The bounty of the marshes that surround Delacroix, LA is seemingly endless. Every single day we see fish, shrimp, and crabs hauled from the waters that flow through Eastern St. Bernard Parish. In the fall, ducks migrate to our wetlands and eager duck hunters get after it to fill their freezers.

Recently, at LFC we’ve had yet another way to live off the land….Louisiana alligator hunts. That’s right, we’ve taken advantage of Louisiana’s alligator hunting season and we are now putting our clients on one of the most exciting hunts they could imagine.

September is such a fun time to do this type of hunting. The marsh is lush and looks like a jungle and we use shallow water boats made by Gator Tail Outboards to access muddy areas where the big gators live. Just the boat ride alone has had our customers in awe.

We are off to a good start with two 11 footers, a 10 footer, and an 8 footer being taken. The recent cold front have set the gators back a bit, but as things warm up they will be biting strong again.

Our customers have enjoyed pulling up to the alligator line to see what they have caught. It’s always a mystery until you get the first sight of that angry swamp lizard. Our guides help our clients through the initial fight with the gator and when the shot opportunity presents itself, it’s lights out for ole gatorsaurus rex!

If you’ve seen this type of hunting on TV and always wanted to try it, get in touch with Louisiana Fishing Charters. We offer luxury accomodations at our Pelican Roost Resort as well as guided fishing trips and duck hunting. We can help you put together the Louisiana alligator hutning trip of a lifetime whether you are visiting New Orleans or want to come stay with us.

Captain Randall Shaw

Louisiana Fishing Charters

Delacroix, LA