Still Catching Fish with High River

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The Mississippi River hit peak levels last month resulting in a rise of freshwater in the Delacroix marshes lately. Whenever we see a high river, it certainly shakes things up and makes us have to chase the fish as they react to the river water. Trout and redfish certainly react differently. Trout are not afraid of freshwater by any means but the river water tends to be dirty which trout do not like. So trout tend to avoid areas with higher river water this time of year. Redfish on the other hand are opportunists. What we have seen lately is that the redfish are staging up in places where river water is dumping into the marsh. This is because of the high concentration of shad and mullet in the river water.

The weather has been very mild as of late and our customers are loving it. While many other places in the country as still cold and many lakes are still frozen, Louisiana is well on its way to summer time. Most days lately have been a high of 75 degrees. While there has been a lot of windy days, the fish don’t seem to mind. We have caught fish in 15-20 mph winds without any problem. It’s clear to say that the New Orleans red fishing experience is in full force right now.

The rest of this month should see a lot of changes taking place. Fish will begin concentrating on the outer edges of the marsh. Trout are heading out to spawn and redfish will begin schooling up. Our guides have experienced this seasonal pattern many years in a row and they know exactly what to do this time of year. If charter fishing New Orleans is something you are considering then April is the month to book.

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Captain Randall Shaw

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