The Fishing Got Even Better

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As of our last report, we didn’t think the fishing could get any better. And then it did! The redfish are totally on fire. One day this week we ran a three boat charter. All three boats had 20 in the box by 7am. On my boat we caught 50 redfish in an hour! That’s what Louisiana charter fishing is all about.

There are a few keys to the incredible fishing right now. One is the abundance of bait. Small crabs, shad, and mullet are everywhere in the marsh. Another thing that is helping the bite is the submerged aquatic grass. The young crabs and baitfish hide out in these grass beds. The redfish use the grass beds to target bait and we are keying on grass beds to find the fish. Lastly, the water levels dropped recently when a westerly wind blew pretty hard. When the water dropped, the fish had to leave areas that became to shallow. This concentrated the fish we are catching.

One of the great things about fishing with a redfish guide Louisiana style is that we know how to navigate the marsh when the water levels drop. You certainly have to be careful about running your boat into shallow places and getting stuck. Luckily, the guides at Louisiana Fishing Charters have plenty of experience and we can get our clients on the fish without any boating issues.

We hook our clients up with popping corks and live shrimp and have them throw close to the grass beds. Our New Orleans fishing charter trips get pretty crazy when everyone on the boat is hooked up fighting redfish, but that’s what we live for.

Our lodge is nice and cool this summer and ready to host your group. The fishing is incredible and our chef is ready to cook up some New Orleans style cuisine. Come see what summer time in Delacroix is all about.

Capt. Randall Shaw

Louisiana Fishing Charters

Delacroix, LA