Finding Speckled Trout and Redfish in Delacroix


No Better Time to Catch Redfish!

As the earth continues to tilt our hemisphere towards the sun, we have longer daylight hours and temperatures rise along with those changes. In many ways, these annual patterns signal changes for the inshore species we catch. Speckled trout will move to the outer edges where our marshes meet with the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Slot sized redfish will remain in the marshes but their positions will change relative to tides and changes in wind direction.

Right now in Delacroix, the trout are a little bit ahead of their normal pattern for this time of year. We have been catching them on the outside for quite some time now. Live shrimp at the rigs and exterior islands is the ticket. Our customers have enjoyed going after the spawning trout on their Louisiana charter fishing trips.

The redfish have been a bit of a head scratcher lately. We had some cold fronts a couple weeks ago and the northwest winds associated with those fronts pushed water levels pretty low. There hasn’t really been a strong enough southeast wind to push the tide back up yet. What this did to the redfish is pretty interesting. Typically we can find reds stacked up in the grassy ponds stretching all the way back towards the Mississippi River. However, when the tide fell out this left the shallow ponds with little water and plenty grass. When this happens the grass sucks the oxygen out of the water and the extra exposure to the sun helps the grass grow up even thicker so many of our redfish ponds were left unfishable lately because the grass is too thick.

To find redfish we had to search the outer edges of the marsh where it opens up into big bays. From there you can find current points and oyster reefs and pick off your redfish. Once the tide gets back to normal it should fill up the shallow ponds again and we will see reds start to trickle back in. These are some of the aspects of Louisiana fishing that you have to pay attention to be successful.

If you’re looking for a New Orleans fishing charter this summer we can show you a good time and put you on plenty fish.

Capt. Randall Shaw

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