Winter is Over

Spring has arrived, let's catch some fish!

The winter is over here at Louisiana Fishing Charters and Spring has arrived. The trees are turning green again and the fish have heated up their transition into the Spring patterns at this Louisiana charter fishing service. Our clients are having a blast catching fish in super nice weather. In the morning, temps are in the 60’s and then they heat up to the 70’s by mid-day.

We are fishing the outer edges of the marsh for redfish. We are also experiencing an awesome run of black drum. We are fishing current lines away from the shore line in 4-5 feet of water. This is the same pattern you would normally fish for speckeld trout. We are using corks with 2.5 ft leaders and market shrimp.

The black drum is a cool species and tastes just as good as his cousin the redfish. Some folks will say that black drum are harder to clean but when you fish with LFC we do all the cleaning for you! The black drum also fights just as hard if not harder than the redfish and you can cook them any way that you would normally cook a redfish.

February and March can be some of the toughest times to fish in Delacroix because the fish are constantly on the move as they transition to new areas and patterns. We’d definitely recommend fishing with a Louisiana fishing guide to see how we handle the adversity this time of year.

We are also having a blast with our bowfishing charters. This is a cool new redfish guide Louisiana service that we are offering. It’s a big challenge and a great opportunity to experience the nightlife here in Delacroix.

Also, crawfish are back in season and if you stay with us we can arrange a crawfish boil if you like. We have a full service lodge or smaller cabins available for our charter guests.

Captain Randall Shaw

Louisiana Fishing Charters


Conquering the ELEMENTS

Mossy Oak Media and Louisiana Fishing Charters!

Louisiana Fishing Charters recently hosted our friends from Mossy Oak on a 2 day blast and cast adventure. I have fished charters with Mossy Oak’s VP of Media Productions, Kevin Tate in the past. This time though, Kevin came down to Delacroix to get some work done for Mossy Oak. Mossy Oak is releasing their new camo pattern “Elements” and Kevin wanted LFC to help them get some photos and videos of Elements.

This awesome new release is a family of patterns utilizing the three core elements of the natural world - earth, water and wind - at their most basic levels. Kevin brought down their Elements pattern “AGUA” as it is designed for spending time on the water. The goal was to collect photos and video that they could use on their website, social media, and also to film an episode for their new show Mossy Oak’s Country Roots that will air later this year. We had a blast and although the ducks were reluctant to cooperate, the fish showed up big.

“I didn’t know a better place on earth than with Randall Shaw to get the content we needed. He’s a guy who will put you on fish for every conceivable minute he can. We fished two days and caught a bunch of fish. Our rods were bent the whole time” Kevin Tate said of his trip with LFC.

They key to out success on this trip was paying attention to the water levels. It’s been a pretty cold winter so far with a good amount of cold fronts blowing through. That has dropped the water levels and we took the Mossy Oak crew to catch fish in the bigger lakes. The awesome thing was the fish kept getting bigger and bigger!

We are looking forward to helping Mossy Oak promote the new Elements pattern. It will be available printed on Huk breathable fishing shirts coming soon.

Captain Randall Shaw

Louisiana Fishing Charters


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