This November is Redfish Domination


Exciting Fall Fishing in Louisiana!

Louisiana fishing is at its finest during the fall. Ok maybe the Spring. Or the summer. Well our winters are pretty good too. But certainly the fall is one of our favorites. We finally start getting a few cool fronts in late October. With comfortable temperatures and hungry fish feeding up for the winter, it’s easy to fall in love with fall fishing in Louisiana.

Louisiana charter fishing guides love the months of October, November, and December because schools of fish move into the interior marshes to feed on shrimp that have travelled in from the Gulf of Mexico. Redfish will form big schools that can often result in catching a fish on every cast. Trout form even bigger schools and move into the interior marshes chasing shrimp. Duck hunters are in their glory as they can shoot their game in the morning and catch their fish in the afternoon.

At LFC this month we will be focusing on finding bayous with 5 foot of water or more with a shallow shelf that comes up to about 2 feet. A few days after a cold front you can find trout move up on these shallow flats off the bayous. The shallow water lets them get closer to the sunlight. We also like to look for flocks of seagulls feeding on shrimp. Our clients who come down on a New Orleans fishing charter love the non-stop action when we get on a flock of birds.

The name of the game right now is popping corks and live shrimp. Plastics work well too but we love to give our clients the absolute BEST chance at success so we always bring live shrimp. There will certainly be days where the plastic will outmatch the shrimp though. Don’t be afraid to try both.

If you are looking for fishing trips New Orleans style please give us a call. This November will be off the charts and we don’t want to you to miss it. Captai

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