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See local wildlife and take a break from fishing with a tour of Louisiana’s marshes and bayous.

Louisiana Fishing Charters offers custom fishing trips in New Orleans for individuals and groups of all sizes. With over 20 years of experience, our knowledgeable captains provide gear and equipment for inshore and offshore fishing trips.

Book a New Orleans fishing charter with us for a safe, fun, and memorable experience.

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Catching Big Louisiana Redfish

Experience Best Fishing Charter
New Orleans has to Offer

Experience the most thrilling fishing trips in New Orleans with Louisiana Fishing Charters. Our professional and exclusive guide service provides you with clean boats and top-notch fishing equipment, as well as friendly guides who work together to track schools of fish as they move around the marsh each day. Trust us to make your fishing trip unforgettable.

Experience the Best of Louisiana inshore fishing trips

At Louisiana Fishing Charters, we fish all year round, thanks to the mild winters and the best-inshore fishery in the US. We target various species like redfish, speckled trout, flounder, black drum, and sheepshead, but the redfish is the real star. Come experience the thrill of year-round fishing with us.

Best Times to Fish New Orleans

Best times to fish in New Orleans, plan your fishing trip for the highest chance of catching your desired species.

SeasonBest Time to FishTargeted Species
WinterLate Morning to Early AfternoonRedfish, Speckled Trout, Black Drum, Sheepshead
SpringEarly Morning to Late AfternoonRedfish, Speckled Trout, Flounder, Black Drum, Sheepshead
SummerEarly Morning or Late EveningRedfish, Speckled Trout, Flounder, Black Drum, Sheepshead
FallLate Morning to Early AfternoonRedfish, Speckled Trout, Flounder, Black Drum, Sheepshead
Planning your New Orleans fishing trip around the best times to fish can make all the difference in your catch.

Whether you’re targeting Redfish, Speckled Trout, Flounder, Black Drum, Sheepshead, or any other species, the season and time of day can greatly impact your success.

Don’t miss out on the excitement and thrill of fishing in the inshore saltwater marshes of New Orleans. Plan your trip today to experience the best of Louisiana’s fishing.

Louisiana Fishing: Redfish (Red Drum)

Known locally as the redfish, Red Drum (Sciaenops ocellatus), is a game fish that makes it’s home from the far inland reaches of our brackish marshes all the way to the green waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

The redfish is a mainstay here at Louisiana Fishing Charters for their impressive fights and abundant numbers in our marshes. Years of experience has helped us develop the most effective techniques for catching them. We want to use this knowledge to take you on the redfish trip of a lifetime.

Beyond the sporting fun of these fish, they are also very pleasant table fare. When you fish with us, we can recommend the best ways to cook redfish and will gladly package your fresh fish fillets to take home with you.

Fishing in the inshore saltwater marshes of New Orleans is an experience like no other. The abundance of fish species in these waters is unmatched, making it a prime destination for anglers of all skill levels.

What to Expect Fishing Louisiana

When fishing with Louisiana Fishing Charters, expect to target redfish, speckled trout, flounder, black drum, and sheepshead, among others.

Our experienced guides know these waters like the back of their hands and will take you to the best spots to reel in your catch.

As you fish, take in the stunning views of the Louisiana coastline and keep an eye out for local wildlife such as dolphins and pelicans.

Whether you’re an experienced angler or a beginner, the inshore saltwater marshes of New Orleans offer a thrilling and unforgettable fishing experience.

Action-packed fishing all year round

There is really no “best” season to come fishing at Louisiana Fishing Charters. Our inshore species feed actively year round and our experienced guides track them as they move through seasonal patterns.

Our favorite thing to do for our customers is to find big schools of fish in the marshes of Delacroix. We like to fish schools because our customers can often catch a few at a time.

It’s a very rewarding feeling to watch people experience this for the first time. There’s lots of hooping and hollering as everyone’s rod is bent over reeling in fish.

Quality fishing trips for you and your guests

One of the details we also pay attention to is quality of our equipment.

When you are a fishing guide in Louisiana you have to have equipment that can stand up to the long fights our fish put up. We keep our equipment up to date and in top shape.

The last thing we want here at Louisiana Fishing Charters is for a client to lose the fish of a lifetime because our equipment is not up to par. Our boats are always clean and comfortable and we want to offer our clients a first-class experience.

After a full day of fish catching and a full cooler of fresh fish to take home, our clients often head to the city in search of some fine New Orleans cuisine.

Our charter captains can recommend a lot of good places to eat around town. Delacroix is just a short 45 minute drive from the French Quarter so you can enjoy the finest cooking in all the world in the same day you experience our world class fishery.

Fish New Orleans Louisiana

Discover the Best Fishing Spots in Louisiana with LA Fishing Charters

Types of Louisiana Fishing Related Activities

Guided Fishing Tours:
Join a guided fishing tour led by experienced local captains who can take you to the best inshore fishing spots and share tips and techniques to help you land the catch of the day.

Redfish and Speckled Trout Fishing:
Louisiana’s inshore waters are home to abundant redfish and speckled trout populations. Anglers can target these popular game fish using live bait, artificial lures, or fly fishing techniques.

Flounder Gigging:
A unique and exciting nighttime activity, flounder gigging involves wading through shallow waters with a powerful flashlight and a gig, a specialized spear, to catch flounder as they lie camouflaged on the seafloor.

Sight Fishing:
Sight fishing is an exhilarating experience that involves spotting fish in clear, shallow waters and casting your bait or lure directly to them. In Louisiana, sight fishing is particularly effective for redfish, black drum, and sheepshead.

Kayak Fishing:
Explore Louisiana’s vast marshes and backwaters using a kayak or paddleboard, allowing you to access remote and hard-to-reach fishing spots teeming with fish.

Set up crab traps or use hand lines to catch delicious blue crabs along Louisiana’s inshore waters. This is a fun and rewarding activity for the whole family.

Shrimp Cast Netting:
Learn how to throw a cast net to catch shrimp in Louisiana’s inshore waters. This skill can provide you with fresh bait or a delicious seafood meal.

Combine the excitement of archery and fishing with bowfishing. Louisiana’s inshore waters offer plenty of opportunities to target species like gar, carp, and sheepshead.

New Orleans and the French Quarter

New Orleans Louisiana and the French Quarter
Laissez les bon temps rouler

The city of New Orleans, specifically the French Quarter, is a must-visit destination that you won’t want to miss. During your stay, here are 10 things to do in downtown New Orleans and the French Quarter:

Visit Jackson Square:

This historic park is located in the heart of the French Quarter and is home to the stunning St. Louis Cathedral.

Take a walking tour:

Explore the French Quarter and learn about its rich history with a walking tour. There are several companies that offer tours, or you can download a self-guided tour.

Enjoy beignets at Cafe Du Monde:

This iconic cafe is known for its delicious beignets and chicory coffee. Be prepared for long lines, but it’s worth the wait!

Listen to live music on Bourbon Street:

Bourbon Street is known for its vibrant nightlife and live music. Stop into one of the many bars to catch a show.

Visit the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum:

Learn about the history and practice of voodoo at this unique museum located in the French Quarter.

Explore the French Market:

This open-air market has been a New Orleans tradition since 1791. Shop for souvenirs, fresh produce, and seafood.

Visit the National WWII Museum:

This museum is located just outside the French Quarter and is a must-visit for history buffs. Learn about the events leading up to and during World War II

Take a streetcar ride:

Hop on one of the iconic streetcars and explore the city from a different perspective.

Try some gumbo:

You can’t visit Louisiana without trying some gumbo. There are many restaurants in the French Quarter that serve this classic dish.

Visit the New Orleans Museum of Art:

Located in City Park, this museum has an impressive collection of American and European art, as well as a sculpture garden.

As you can see, there are many things to do in downtown New Orleans and the French Quarter. Whether you’re interested in history, food, or music, there’s something for everyone. So, take a break from fishing and spend some time exploring our vibrant city.

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