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Here at Louisiana Fishing Charters we fish anglers of all skill levels. From first timers to seasoned pro bass anglers we have fished them all. The reason why I bring this topic up is in the video below Captain Randall Shaw and Captain Zack Hartline head out to do some intermediate skill level fishing. 

The situation is a complicated one.  The winds have been high for three days and it is blowing out of the East. When the wind blows out the east it pushes big amounts of water into the cove of Louisiana. So with heavy winds and high water we will be headed as deep as we can go back into the ponds of the Louisiana Mississippi River Delta.  When we fish the east side of the Mississippi River there are a a lot of Large grass beds in the ponds. So with that being side the more pond we can go though to get to a dead end pond the better off we will be from the wind. The grass acts as a filter to clean the water. With clean water back in the ponds that opens the door for the Captains to throw artificial lures.

So what do we fish with so many options of lures to choose from?

With the factors of High wind and Clean water we have a lot of options. We do have things that the lure has to have when fishing these conditions.

When fishing in high wind conditions choose a lure that has weight to throw in high wind. A light weight lure would be to hard to keep accurate and keep under the surface of the water.

With all the surface wind the Redfish cant easily sense the lure around them with there lateral line. So the Captains will need a lure with some flash of vibration to it. Some great choices for this situation would be a Spinner Bait, Chatter Bait, or a Gold Spoon. In this video we used a three eighth oz. Gold Spoon. The Gold Spoon is a great lure for covering ground to catch scattered Redfish. The fan casting method is a great way to find singles and doubles along a bank. 

As you will hear Captain Randall say due to the high water at the camp the breaker popped on the outlet that he was using to charge his batteries on the Sea Pro 248. He has about fifty percent of the trolling motor batteries available to use. This isn’t the first time this happened to Captain Randall being the amount of time he has spent on the water and fishing tournaments. 

When this happens I hope you are on a boat that has Power Poles. Captain Randall will position the boat on the protected side of the pond and use his power pole to anchor down. Once anchored Captain Randall and Captain Zack will fan cast all areas of the bank and any points or pockets in reach before lifting up the power poles a foot or so out the mud. They will then drift up about a boat length or two before resetting the power pole in the mud. They will repeat this process over and over till they reach the end of the bank.

With the Pressure dropping with the approaching tropical system the Redfish were eager to eat but you can be the judge of that. Sometimes you just have to put all the pieces to the puzzle together and not over complicate fishing. 

I promise you there is no better feeling whether you are the guide or the customer when the plan all comes together. Come fish with Captain Randall or Captain Zack and be a part of cracking the code to Redfish on one of our boats. Its addictive and I promise it wont be your last trip with us here at Louisiana Fishing Charters. 

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