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Fishing Trips of a Lifetime!

From start to finish, we strive to make your trip as convenient and enjoyable as possible. We can cater to your every need from transportation to lodging.Take a look at what some of our past customers had to say.


Adam P

What an amazing trip we had with these guys! We fished three day and stayed in there lodge. Everyday was a different experience. The first day we caught a ton of trout on a cork and the second we did the same but Redfish, and the third we trolled through the marsh and cast plastics at redfish in the marsh grass. What an amazing strike those reds give and to see it was even more exciting! Thanks to the amazing captains at Louisiana Fishing Charters, I would recommend them to anyone!

Eryk W

Captain Randy took me and my son out this morning for some fishin'! Got some nice reds, speckled trouts, and a couple of sheepheads. Just a great, genuine guy who knows the waters like the back of his hands and always lands on fish. He took us to at least six spots until we caught our daily limit. Just amazing. It will be a trip that my son and I remember forever. And his lovely wife even came at 5:30 in the morning to pick us up at our hotel! 🙂 Thank you so much, Randy!

Mary L

Captain Randall is the best! My father was a Redfish Captain and he passed away 8 years ago and I have not caught a Red since then, Captain Randall put me on a beautiful 14 lbs Red. It was a wonderful experience and I know my Dad was there too. My husband and friends had a great time too, thank you again!

Art S

We Had a great time fishing with Captain Randall and La Fishing Charters! It was a fantastic trip! Captain Randall was super friendly, easy to work with and knows where to find the fish! We will be back and will only be using La Fishing Charters in the future!

Paul H

Thank you for your excellent help and courtesy last Thursday. My brother and I had an experience that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. You know that was the first time my brother caught fish, and he was so amazingly happy. Again, you were a fabulous host and we had the time of our lives.

Chip K

Captain Randall, thank you for a great trip! There was not one aspect of our trip that could have been better. Fishing was intense, a trip of a lifetime! Accommodations were very good, food was excellent (the chef coming to cook for us was awesome), equipment was top shelf, and your ability to consistently put us on fish was impressive. It was well worth the 36 hour round trip drive. Sitting here back in 22 degree weather I can only dream of the screaming drag as the bull reds were ripping line. Thanks again, hope to see you again.

Ben G

Thanks Captain Randall for amazing day, the boys and I had a blast and will surely be back. This charter is a cut above, hands down the best in Delacroix, these folks don't just take you out fishing you learn about the environment, challenges facing fishing industry and the importance of keeping this march viable for generations to come. Great for kids and families.

Jimmy T

Captain Randall did an amazing job on such a cold, dreary day. January 2, 2016 we caught reds and largemouth with several over 28. Even had time to help out a fellow angler broke down. When in NOLA, look him up for a good time on the water. We'll be back.

Amy T

Captain Randall, Thank you again for such an awesome time and experience! We very much enjoyed our stay and can't wait to come back! The red fish tasted amazing, thanks so much for allowing us to cook them before we left that afternoon. We look forward to seeing the T-shirt choices. Thanks again and we wish you a very merry Christmas and Happy new year!

James P

Capt. Randall helped us to limit out two days in a row and catch over 400 trout in those two days. Amazing quide work, great meals by his sweet thing, and incredible fishing memories for three bass fishermen who live on Lake Fork in Texas. Salute Capt.R.


Randall, Thank you for the wonderful charter experience you provided for my Dad and his crew on Saturday!!! They couldn't stop raving about you and the day they had. And the fish was excellent! (We cooked some of it that night!) If you would like me to fill out any online reviews, please let me know. Thanks again and Happy New Year!

Jerry P

Wow all I can say is Wow. They told us there would be fish but I didn’t expect to be pulling them in at the rate we were catching. I know every trip can’t guarantee the amount of fish we caught but with the time and effort Capt. Randall goes through to learn the waters and the fish you can bet you have never caught that many before. A big thanks to Capt. I can’t wait to book our next trip.

Craig A

Louisiana Fishing Charters far exceeded my expectations and we cannot wait to get back out on the water. We went out fishing over the last couple of days and I have to say, I have NEVER had that much fun on the water. Capt Randall knew the area and where the fish were. Cast after cast we were bringing 2-3lb speckled trout in the boat off in Black Bay. It is quite an experience anyone would love.


Me and my friends came in to New Orleans for a guys weekend. LFC sent a shuttle to are hotel and brought us down to the marina to get on the boat. We caught more reds and drum than we ever thought was possible. Had a great time and would come back again.He even personally brought us back to the the hotel and was a tour guide for the ride.


My buddy and I had a blast! We got lucky when we called for a last minute reservation. If you are like me and want to try an ultralight experience, he will let you do it, you may get laughed at, but that’s what makes it fun. I landed a 18lb drum on a 4ft St Croix with a Symetre reel spooled in 4lb test. I would highly recommend Louisiana Fishing Charters for all of your fishing adventure needs. You don’t have to worry about lodging, he can take care of that too. We had the trip of a lifetime and cant wait until October. All in all the best guided experience of all. He treated us like friends, not customers. We had a GREAT time.

John S.

I just wanted to say thanks to LA Charters for a wonderful fishing adventure. I have been fishing many times but never like this. I caught fish after fish and it was amazing reeling those suckers in. Louisiana Fishing Charters went above and beyond to keep those fish on my reel and when I needed help he was there. I just wanted to say thanks for the most amazing trip I have ever been on. When I’m back in New Orleans you can GUARANTEE I will call on them again.

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