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Want to keep up to date with the latest in reports and specials! Sign up for our newsletter and receive the latest from Louisiana Fishing Charters. There will be tip and how to videos along with the latest on hurricanes and other weather in our area. There will also be a sign up on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

If you like the gear and baits we use on your trip we will have discounts on them in the tips and gear emails that go out monthly. We only use the best and have tested these products for years.We will have tips for fishing styles and also tips on boat maintenance and marine equipment that we have learned though the years.

We will also be spotlight new guides that have joined the Louisiana Fishing Charter team and other guides/companies that Captain Randall has fished with in different regions as recommendation in other areas and countries.

Some of the species we catch here like snapper and alligators have season so updates on season length and how many trips are available will also be part of this subscription. Alligator trips book fast, every now and then we have a end of the season discount on the tags we have available so being a part of this subscription could save you a lot of money on your next trip of a lifetime!

Covid-19 updates will come will be out as soon as we are notified of any changes. As of March 19th 2020 we are fishing fishing and the catches are incredible!

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