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Speckled Trout Fishing, Delacroix Louisiana
Speckled Trout Fishing LouisianaNo one will argue that the speckled trout is one of the premiere game fish in Louisiana! Not only is it great table fare but it is a terrific top water fighter! When hooked, the speckled trout will give you quite a show as it dances & thrashes wildly on the surface as it attempts to regain its freedom. Speckled trout are known by many different names such as spotted sea trout, specks, yellow-mouths, and paper-mouths. “Specks” are found throughout the entire gulf coast & are easily identified. They are silver in color with olive-green tints on the back and numerous small black dots which extend over the dorsal fin and into the tail. The lower jaw is larger than the upper jaw which has two prominent canine teeth. In general, specks have an elongated body with a large mouth.

The diet of speckled trout consists of small crustaceans, shrimp, & small fish such as pogies and croakers. The average size is 14-18″ & weigh 1-3 lbs. Specks like shallow coastal areas near sandy & mud bottoms. South Louisiana has abundant bays and lakes that fit this description. Our estuaries are among the best throughout the entire gulf coast!

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Speckled Trout Fishing Charter LouisianaSpeckled Trout Fish Charter LouisianaSpeck Trout Fishing Charter Louisiana


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