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Do I need a license?

Answer:If you do not have a Louisiana salt water license, yes, you’ll need a license. Residential or non-residential licenses may be obtained at any Louisiana Wal-Mart or sporting goods store for a $10 three-day charter pass, or you may purchase a 3-day charter pass by calling Louisiana Deparment of Wildlife and Fisheries at 888-765-2602.

A three day charter pass is specifically for fishing with a licensed guide and only for three days. Be sure have your beginning day as your first day of fishing.

Click here to obtain your fishing license online.

What do I need to bring on a day charter?

Answer:With Louisiana Fishing Charters, rods, reels & bait are all provided. You need only bring a cap, sunglasses, sunscreen, chapstick, rain gear, camera, drinks and snacks. Of course, you are always welcome to bring your favorite rod and reel.

Life jackets are also provided by Louisiana Fishing Charters.

What do we need to bring for the overnight Charter?

Answer:For the overnight package, you’ll only need food, drinks and snacks, both for the lodge and the boat the next day. You may want to consider bringing a camera, rain gear, and chapstick.

For the Full Package, you need only bring any favored alcoholic beverages. Drinks and snacks are provided for both the boat and the lodge. Additionally, Louisiana Fishing Charters will cook both breakfast and dinner.

Quality Penn and Denila equipment provided.

How many people can fish?

Answer: It is recommended that the number of anglers be no more than three or four. For parties larger than four, We will provides additional boats with experienced, licensed captains.

Does Louisiana Charters clean the fish?
Answer:There are no hidden costs for fish cleaning. Louisiana Fishing Charters cleans and bags the fish for your trip home. If you are fishing for more than 2 days, you’re encouraged to bring a vacuumed pack Food Saver to package and freeze at least your first-days catch.

How long is a charter?
Answer:We leave the dock at daylight and fishes until 1:30 to 2pm, normally about 7 hours. Then of course, if limits are caught prior to 2pm, and the party wants to return to the lodge, we will return to the lodge.

How do we fish for redfish?
Answer:Redfish are fished year round either in the exterior bays or the inner marsh using either tight-lined with artificial bait, or under a cork with artificial bait, live or dead shrimp.

Note * Use the Match the Hatch philosophy – we fish with seasonal baits to match what the redfish are feeding on.

For accomplished bass anglers, you would fish for redfish as you would for bass (trolling shorelines, casting artificial baits such as gold spoons).

How do we fish for speckled trout?

Answer:During the spring and summer months, we fish for speckled trout tight-lined with artificial bait., or under a cork, with either artificial or live bait. In the Black Bay area, around rigs, oil rigs, and islands.

In the fall and winter months, the speckled trout migrate to the interior marsh. The fishing method is the same but the trout are fished in interior lakes and bays.

What kind of boat do you use?

Answer:22-24 bay boats with 200-300 outboards

What are the limits for redfish and speckled trout?
Answer:Speckled Trout – 25 trout per person, per day, with a minimum size limit of 12 inches.

Redfish – 5 fish per day, per person, with a minimum size limit of between 16 inches and 27 inches. One of the 5 may exceed 27 inches. It has been our experience that there’s very little extra meat on an 30 inch redfish than a 24 inch redfish. Captain Ahab always brings a camera, and encourages fishers to practice CPR (Catch Photograph and Release) for redfish over 27 inches (bull reds).

Primary reason -Redfish don’t reach breeding age until they reach 27 inches, thus keeping over 27 inches negatively impacts future spawns.

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