Captain Corey

Capt Corey Gradwohl born and raised in Metairie La. As a young boy, Capt Corey learned a lot about the abundance of fish and wildlife in the marshes of Southeast Louisiana. His Dad took him to a buddy’s camp in Ostrica, LA where they would hunt and fish all around the Breton Sound Basin.

Staying at a camp with their friends was more than a hobby for Corey and his Father-it was a lifestyle.  An abundance of speckled trout, redfish, and bass could be found not far away. The camaraderie of having a group of guys together enjoying the outdoors is something Corey would never forget and is a big part of what drove him to be a charter captain. He enjoys the same good times with his clients on his charter trips.

Beyond catching fish, Captain Corey just enjoys being out on the water. He love to be surrounded by nature. He loves seeing his clients never knowing what they might catch next.

In addition to working as a fishing guide, Captain Corey is also a firefighter in Jefferson Parish. He uses his experience as a firefighter on his days as a charter captain. He has learned through emergency situations that every day is different. You have to learn to study your conditions and adapt to them accordingly. He uses this mentality when finding fish for his customers on a daily basis.

Captain Corey fishes in a 24 foot Skeeter bay boat. He can take up to four clients at a time and fish them all comfortably. When our clients fish with Captain Corey he will use his knowledge to locate speckled trout and redfish. He loves the challenge of a new day and he will help guide you through your experience on the water.

Come on down on a trip with Louisiana Fishing Charters and see what fishing with Captain Corey is all about!